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Mobile Apps

Our team of experts specialise in developing user-friendly mobile applications. Take your business and vision to the next level with a high-class mobile app. We build the latest in innovative technology and UI/UX designs to enhance the dynamics of your mobile app performance.

Web Development

Our web developers possess all the skills required to deliver exactly what you need, but better. Innovative and dynamic solutions that push the technology and user experience to the limit. Ensuring that your digital platform leads the way in a market where superior features can make a difference.

Streaming Platforms

We have a track record of developing streaming platforms linking to 3rd party content providers or your own bespoke player built within your platform. This is a fully managed solution with the option to have ad server integration and full analytics for tracking user behaviour and campaign successes.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & NFTs

We can develop your own Cryptocurrency, Blockchain or NFT and help create a micro economy within your business. This strategy helps create multiple ways to monetise your platform as well as increase retention rate.

Games & Gaming Solutions

We thrive on curious concepts and new technologies and our ethos is to create high quality enhanced performance games / gaming solutions. Harnessing the power of superior coding our expansive team develops dynamic and advanced web and app gaming solutions that put our clients at the forefront of the gaming industry.


Our strategy is to help clients build digital products that convert and stand out in the market utilising the power of animation. Animated videos are digital assets that can be used not only for marketing within organisations but to demonstrate internal systems and procedures in an interactive and engaging way.

AI & Biometrics

Our team can develop Biometric and AI software for your app or platform. This innovative strategy will give your product an edge over your competitors and improve customer experience.


Our support solutions are customised to your exact requirements whether you would like your software solution supported 24/7 or just during office hours. Our team can provide all levels of support including technical solutions that have been developed externally.


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Pose estimation is calculated by using computer vision to detect the position and orientation of an object.


A Frugal Athlete - Wakka Games

Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt, give their take on why every athlete needs an app. These ladies give us a complete breakdown on the pros and cons to having your own app versus using a third party service and what they wish they would have done differently from their career.

7 News Exclusive - Pool Angel Technolgy

Exclusive look at the new Pool Angel mobile app which could save many lives using the latest mobile streaming technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Coming soon!

Courier Mail Exclusive - Wakka Games develop Pool Safety App

Two young Brisbane entrepreneurs who played gridiron together in the former US Legends Football League hope to score a touchdown with their latest venture.

Jayne Caldwell -

Jayne Caldwell was born in Thailand and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Jayne attended the University of the Sunshine Coast to get her Bachelors in Business majoring in Marketing. She then went on to play American football in the United States for several years. 

After some time playing professional sport, Jayne soon discovered the world of entrepreneurship specifically in digital marketing, gaming and tech development. She co-founded “Wakka Games” with business partner Quincy Hewitt because they saw a need in the market for bespoke gaming and app solutions for people and companies worldwide.

Jayne has always had a passion for technology and is always eager to be at the forefront of innovation in the tech industry. She loves to share that knowledge with her clients to give them access to the most up to date industry trends which can be applied to their ideas.

Quincy Hewitt -

Quincy Hewitt is a New Zealand born former American Football player turned entrepreneur. She studied business at AUT then went on to play professional American Football, winning two National Championships in both Australia and America.

Upon retirement, she co-founded Wakka Games with teammate Jayne Caldwell with a mission to help people make their app ideas a reality. 

She understands the importance of teamwork and people playing to their strengths to win which is why they have put together a performance-based agency of experts to deliver results.

Quincy thinks outside the square and believes the app, gaming and streaming industry is still so untapped for anyone wanting to capitalise in this space.

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