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Mobile Apps

Our team of experts specialise in mobile app development. Take your business and idea to the next level with a mobile app. We build the latest in UI/UX designs to enhance your apps performance.

Web Development

With many years experience developing web platforms, we can deliver the perfect solution for your business, whether you are looking for streaming, gaming platforms, tv apps or a bespoke solution, we have a track record and reputation you can trust.

Social Media Marketing

In today's business world no marketing effort is complete without a digital presence. We can help you communicate your message across multiple channels, exceeding in the areas of growth, scale, and acquisition of new customers.

Public Relations

Our team manages the release and spread of information between your organisation and the public through mainstream media. We create the stories that news outlets want to pick up to create genuine brand awareness for your product/service.

Streaming Platforms

A track record of developing streaming platforms, linking to 3rd party content providers or your own bespoke player. Full managed solution, with or without ad server integration, and full analytics for tracking user behaviour and campaign successes.

Gaming Solutions

Providing engaging and creative gaming solutions from the industry experience that our expansive team possesses and developing advanced web and app gaming solutions that put our clients in control.


We have one goal in mind – to reach new limits and venture into the uncharted territory of game development. We thrive on curious concepts and new technologies, and our ethos is to create high quality enhanced performance games harnessing the power of superior coding and developing dynamic products


Our support solutions are customised to your exact requirements, so whether you would like your software solution supported 24/7/365 or just during office hours, we have the team that can provide this level of support. Our team can also support technical solutions even if they have been developed externally.

Jayne Caldwell -

Jayne Caldwell was born in Thailand and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. She attended the University of the Sunshine Coast to get her Bachelors in Business majoring in Marketing. She took a few years off after graduating to go play American Football for the Chicago Bliss, where she captained the team for 2 seasons, leading them to an undefeated Championship winning season in 2018.

She had no idea what she wanted to do outside of competitive sport but soon discovered the world of digital marketing and with her bachelors degree in Business and Marketing this was a perfect fit. She co-founded “Wakka Games” with teammate Quincy Hewitt because she wanted to help other businesses manage their online presence with a strong marketing campaign that will separate their businesses from the rest.

“Everything we touch turns to gold” was a saying they always used to say to each other while playing football and now it’s a motto they carry over into their business practices to give their clients the best possible service.

Quincy Hewitt -

Quincy Hewitt is a New Zealand born former American Football player turned Entrepreneur. She studied business at AUT in Auckland before moving to Australia to work in Real Estate. She went on to play professional American Football, winning two National Championships in both Australia and America whilst earning an All star spot.

Upon retirement she co-founded Wakka Games with teammate Jayne Caldwell with a mission to help companies win in the game of business using effective online marketing strategies.

They understand the importance of team work and people playing to their strengths to win which is way they have put together a performance-based agency of experts to deliver results. 

Quincy thinks outside the square and believes the gaming industry is still so untapped for companies wanting to capitalise in this space.

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