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Focussed on producing innovative games

Commitment to online gaming development shine through with a passion

Our dedicated team focusses on creating and producing a wide variety of games.  

Every day, we get stuck into new challenges, from generating concepts to programming, from discovering inspiration to creative design, from concept to completed project from complex problem solving to researching.  

Ultimately, we seek and apply new game technology, always keeping in mind our objectives: user experience and user interfaces.

Utilising the power of robust, agile teamwork within an automated test-driven environment, we build systems that embrace the applications of networked gameplay, engines, graphics, innovation and artificial intelligence.

We don’t merely create animation, game scripts, storyboards, objects and audio, we rise to any challenge and devote ourselves to always thinking bigger, better and acting like we own the industry!

Our strategic partnership involves a successful collaboration across various teams, including artists, developers and designers whom all share our determination and drive for online gaming and deployment processes. Together we aspire to create massive projects, build audiences and achieve greatness.

Developing Games

  • Original concept
  • Major game components 
  • Innovative platforms
  • Game play features and systems
  • Games with rewards including crypto
  • Complex designs

Jason Paul - CTO for leading AVOD platform

"Wakka Games have a dynamic team and knowledgeable approach to games development and implementation, which was essential for us".

Public Relations

Our team manages the release and spread of information between your organisation and the public through mainstream media. We create the stories that news outlets want to pick up to create genuine brand awareness for your product/service.

Mobile Apps

Our team of experts specialise in mobile app development. Take your business and idea to the next level with a mobile app. We build the latest in UI/UX designs to enhance your apps performance.


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Our support solutions are customised to your exact requirements, so whether you would like your software solution supported 24/7/365 or just during office hours, we have the team that can provide this level of support. Our team can also support technical solutions even if they have been developed externally. ​

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