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Innovative gaming web platforms

In a competive digital gaming market, stand out with dynamic and innovative solutions.

Our web developers possess all the skills required to deliver exactly what you need, but better.  Innovative and dynamic solutions, that push the technology and user experience to the limit to ensure that your digital platform leads the way in a market where superior features can make a difference.

Don’t settle for template solutions, or re-used code –  discuss your concepts with our team and together we will combine your thoughts and visions and our expertise and knowledge to plan and deliver a solution that will make your competitors sit up and take notice.

Be original, unique and think outside the box, no need to copy others.  Lead the way with an impressive web solution that others gaming companies will use as reference point for what they want to achieve. We can help you meet this goal. 

Web Development

  • Bespoke web solutions exactly to your requirements – no excuses
  • We deliver what you want, pixel perfect.
  • User friendly interfaces with carefully planned user journeys
  • Responsive front ends to ensure consistency across a range of browsers and devices. 
  • Future proofed
  • Scalable and robust to handle huge volumes of transactions instantly and efficiently

Jason Paul - CTO for leading AVOD platform

"Wakka have an exceptionally talented design and development team who assisted us from our initial concept and kept us on board throughout the whole design and delivery process. What particularly stood out was a thoughtful understanding of the nature of our business. "

Public Relations

Our team manages the release and spread of information between your organisation and the public through mainstream media. We create the stories that news outlets want to pick up to create genuine brand awareness for your product/service.

Mobile Apps

Our team of experts specialise in mobile app development. Take your business and idea to the next level with a mobile app. We build the latest in UI/UX designs to enhance your apps performance.


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Our support solutions are customised to your exact requirements, so whether you would like your software solution supported 24/7/365 or just during office hours, we have the team that can provide this level of support. Our team can also support technical solutions even if they have been developed externally. ​

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